Become a Member

 Do you like to learn? Make stuff? Maybe you’re the type of student who likes to go for extra credit on a school project. Perhaps you are an entrepreneur with an idea on a napkin and need to build prototypes. Maybe your company has production or R&D bottlenecks facing promised deadlines. Any or all of the reasons above – and more – are why you should become a Lakeshore Fab Lab member.

The Lakeshore Fab Lab is a place like no other on Michigan’s western lakeshore. Inside, you can learn how to use new high tech equipment, dream and design new products and then bring them to life. Youth of all ages can discover STEM by doing fun, hands-on projects. At the Lakeshore Fab Lab, a gathering point for product design and prototyping expertise, tomorrow’s business can be fashioned today!

If being a part of a community that fosters learning and building sounds interesting to you, then the Lakeshore Fab Lab has several membership levels for you to access this exciting and fun space.

Ready to learn, dream, design, and build your ideas?




Membership Type Dues
Adult Annual $250 per year
Adult Monthly $40 per month


Public Service*

Veteran/Active Duty*


$100 per year
Student (Kindergarten – College) $25 per year
Family** $450 per year
Corporate memberships*** $2,200 per year
Club/Organization Please contact the Lakeshore Fab Lab Manager
Other Please contact the Lakeshore Fab Lab Manager


*Examples include but are not limited to: community mentors (involved in 4H, Boys and Girls Club, Scouts, etc), robotics team coaches, teachers and those in the education industry, veterans and active duty military, police, fire, medical personnel, and more. If you feel you fit this classification but aren't sure, please reach out to us at [email protected]

**Up to two adults and three children under the age of 18 years old living at the same address

***Up to ten members identified by the company

The membership benefits include:

  • One-hour safety training (required of all members)
  • Discounts on projects, classes, and events held at the Lakeshore Fab Lab
  • Access to knowledgeable volunteers, other members, and Muskegon Community College faculty
  • Access to equipment not in your garage and the training to use it
  • An environment of creativity, building, comradery, and entrepreneurship

All membership fees are due at the beginning of the term. Annual memberships cannot be paid monthly.