Epilog Laser Cutter (60W)

Laser cutting is a precise method of cutting a design from a given material using a CAD file to guide it.

There are three main types of lasers used in the industry: CO2 lasers Nd and Nd-YAG. We use a CO2 laser. This involves firing a laser which cuts by melting, burning or vaporizing your material. You can achieve a really fine level of cutting detail on with a wide variety of materials. 

CO 2 lasers can’t cut or engrave bare metals and hard materials, they can however engrave them with a special coating applied.

STATUS: Operational

Specs:  See Epilog Helix 60 Watt Manufacturer Specs

Bed Size: 24" x 18" (610 x 457 mm)

Power: 60 Watt

Max. Mat. Thickness: 8.5" (216 mm)

Maximum Material Thickness with Table Removed: 11" (279 mm) with a 23.5" x 17" (597 x 432 mm) engraving area.

Design Software: 

Paid - CorelDraw* and Adobe Illustrator*

Free (installation required) - Inkscape*, KritaFreeCAD

Free (no installation required, web-based) - GravitVectrBoxySVGVecteezyOnshape.comTinkerCAD

*Available on fab lab computers


Print Software:

CorelDRaw  - no matter what program you design with, we send files to the laser using CorelDraw on one of the 2 PC's next to the laser.


File Types: Image and vector file formats (.jpg*, .png*, .gif*, .tif*, .eps, .svg, Corel, Adobe, .dxf, .dwg)

*Note - image files often times require additional processing cleanup

Acceptable Materials:  See CO2 Compatible Materials

*Note - commonly used materials are thin plywood and acrylic sheets (available for purchase at the fab lab)

**Note - you can laser engrave bare metal materials when you apply a special compound calla Cermark

**Note - you can laser engrave some painted/coated metal materials


What Can You Make: 

  • Home decor

  • Signs

  • Customized items
  • Quick turnaround prototypes
  • Edge-lit signs
  • Art projects
  • Boxes/cases
  • Engraved glasses


The Rotary Attachment is ideal for engraving cylinder items with your laser. From glasses, to mugs, to wine bottles, to flashlights, the Rotary Attachment can quickly and easily adjust to size for a wide variety of products.

Designed for ease of use, you can quickly engrave a glass, move to a wine bottle, then to a vase without removing the attachment. There is no need to measure diameters, as the product just sits on the rim-drive wheels and turns as it is engraved. 



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