Lakeshore Fab Lab FAQs

What is a Fab Lab?
A Fab Lab – short for fabrication lab, is a (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) idea designed to empower community members to learn, dream, design, and build their ideas.

Who can use the Lakeshore Fab Lab?
Anyone – students, entrepreneurs, local businesses, museums, clubs.

What is unique about the Lakeshore Fab Lab?

  • Only facility within a 30 mile radius.
  • Contains equipment not likely to be in your garage!
  • Supported and managed by Muskegon Community College.

When is it open?

























 *temporarily due to COVID19. We follow the Muskegon Community College re-opening plan and will expand hours when possible

What kind of equipment will be in the Lakeshore Fab Lab? What can it do?

  • 3D printing for all levels of complexity, from making a toy dinosaur to high temperature resistant engine part prototypes or various medical uses.
  • Robotics – program machines or build your own.
  • Laser etcher – engrave wood, glass, plastic, and more.
  • Digital scanning – create 3D printed copies of objects.
  • Plasma water table cutter – cut metal sheets.
  • Large routing table – shape plastic and wood.
  • Metal milling – traditional metal working applications.
  • Vinyl printer – banners, decals, car wraps, window clings, and more.
  • Hot press – t-shirts for clubs, family reunions, or team spirit.

May members use the equipment by themselves?
Yes! After you pay for and take a certification class to learn how to use the equipment safely.

Does a member have to learn how to use the equipment?
No, MCC students will help on a fee for service and time and material basis. This helps inventors (low cost and speed) and students (gain experience and skills).

Why would inventors want to use the Fab Lab?

  • Make quick and inexpensive prototypes.
  • Tap volunteer and faculty expertise.
  • Write a business plan and launch their business.

How might area business/engineers use it?

  • Manufacturing firms relieve bottlenecks or utilize capabilities on a cost effective basis (can’t afford their own).
  • Medical companies/inventors – make prosthetics and design tools/equipment.
  • Museums – scan and print pieces.

Is this a place that kids can use?

  • Absolutely! This is a facility where parents and children work together.
  • K – 12 Teachers – this is a great place for field trips supporting STEM based learning.
  • College students – an excellent place to develop class projects from many disciplines.
  • Families – projects such as design and 3D print a rose or build a robot.
  • Summer tech programs and learners.

Can area organizations use it?

  • Clubs – such as 4 H’s Tech Wizards, 1st Robotic clubs, My Brother’s Keeper – a great meeting place with storage.
  • Community based organizations such as Big Brothers/Sisters.

What else will the Fab Lab have?

  • Entrepreneur store. Sell your products or services on consignment!
  • Access to worldwide Fab Lab network.
  • Entrepreneur training – MCC degree via the Rooks/Sarnicola Entrepreneur Institute.
  • Speakers and seminars about creating ideas, designing products, and more.

Is there a cost to use the Lakeshore Fab Lab?

  • Annual Memberships.
  • Time and materials.
  • Classes – training and project.
  • Student fees and consulting if used.

Where can I get more information about the Fab Lab?

[email protected]


Chris Kaminsky 

[email protected]

(231) 777-0212