Join Our Volunteers

What helps to make a Fab Lab great?  Certainly equipment and space.  The manager plays an important role for sure.  The members… of course, but what forms the backbone of any such facility is its volunteers.

Volunteers, like you perhaps, bring a wide variety of skills, knowledge, and passion to a Fab Lab.  These skills range from highly technical to a need for order and cleanliness.   A willingness to help people or contribute time and talent is just as important as knowing how to write software code or run a machine.

You might be asking, “If I volunteered what could I do?”  Depending upon your interest, you might:

  • Learn how to use some or all of the equipment, then help others use it.
  • Work with young students to design and make their first 3D printed object, or robot, or metal cutting.
  • Lead a small class on building things from a kit with printed instructions.
  • Writing software, building a robot, creating movie/theater props, making arts & crafts, and much, much, more.
  • Creating new programs and areas of interest to benefit the community.
  • Help maintain the facility throughout the day.
  • Give tours, answer questions about the Fab Lab, and/or take new memberships
  • Arrange the Entrepreneur Store display shelves
  • Visit schools, businesses, or clubs to talk about the Fab Lab.

As you can see, the Lakeshore Fab Lab can benefit from a wide variety of interests and skills from people like you!

If you would like to volunteer, please click here to complete our volunteer request form.

Not yet sure?  Stop in the Lakeshore Fab Lab and ask for the Fab Lab Manager, who would be glad to show you around and answer questions. We look forward to adding your skills to our Lakeshore Fab Lab team!