Laser Cutting
Our 60W Epilog Laser Cutter/Engraver allows for endless possibilities when it customs to customization! 
If you have an item that you would want personalized on our laser cutter, reach out to us and we'll discuss if it will work.
Laser Engraving - Custom Glassware

We can take that boring glass and make it more fun! Be it a pint glass, a wine glass, a mug, a vase, etc.


$5/glass (1/4 to 1/2 wrap engraving)***

$15/set of 4

***additional charge for full wrap engraving

Laser Cutting - Custom Wine Box Holder

Great customizable wine holder for the wine lover in your life! Note this holder does not hold all bottles of wine.


Starting at $30 with custom logo and/or text on front section

=$5 for each additional side engraving (left, right or back)



Great customizable wine glass holder! It fits right over the neck of the bottle and holds 2 glasses

Price:  $15

Laser Cutting - Living Hinge Boxes

This is a perfect sized box to give your special someone a piece of jewelry, trinket or even candy. 

These are great for keeping your special treasures in!


$30 with custom front image and or text

+$5 for 1 custom laser etching (inside or back)

Laser Cutting - Custom Signs

These signs are just a few examples of what can be done.

Reach out for your idea or request to purchase one of these :D


Starting at $10 -  smaller, simple signs (example- bedroom signs)

Starting at $25 - more complicated signs