Read our re-opening guidelines

General Fab Lab Space

- If you need to come into the lab to use a workbench, misc. hand tools or a computer please use this in your reservation.

Membership Consultation

- if you need to come into the lab because you are interested in becoming a member please use this in your reservation.

Prusa/CR10 3D Printers

- we will have 1 CR10 and 1 Prusa 3D Printer available for strict online reservation at all times.


  • Masks will be required or you will not be permitted to enter. We are not the mask police, we are just doing what we're told.
  • We have a strict capacity we are being held to so we need to limit guests and visitors. You may be asked to come back another time if we are at capacity. We will make every effort to avoid any unnecessary hassle.
  • If you need more time during your appointment come back here to reserve an additional slots if available.
  • High demand equipment such as the laser cutter can be reserved a maximum of 2 1-hour consecutive slots.